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hi everyone. sorry for the scare. i am just fine and dandy now. ended up talking to Jo about it, and she made me tell my mom so now i’m back in counseling and i had this weird emergency session i had to go to so yeah. i am *le irish voice* alrightyyyy!

i feel really bad about scaring everyone. like i said, i’m wayyy to much of a pussy to ever actually do it. so yeah, next time i talk all big, just ignore me, please. ok? ok. i love you all.

so yeah, peace out. im gonna watch some tv and maybe read and go for a swim. plus, i need a haircut, so im gonna go do that. and yeah. thank you for everything you’ve done for me. really. thanks.

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  1. cherbear-here said: im just really glad you are okay
  2. realselenashady said: I love you so much okay :)
  3. louehjfc said: it’s alyssa nd i love you so much
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